Sitav Taha

Social butterfly

As a new graduate of the Marketing Program in my small and cozy hometown down south (also known as Växjö), I packed my bags and moved to Stockholm to start my internship as a PR-intern. After 3 months of what felt like the most amazing crash course to PR, it was time to learn something new.

So I asked myself, what does a marketer actually do? The question was so simple, but yet so complex that I had to live it to learn it. And that was when I became the third member of Naes & Friends.

Writing this did give me a minor identity crisis, but it also made me realize that as a digital marketer, I practically get to do everything. Can I help you create content? Yep! Can I analyze your results? Sure! Can I play the bagpipe at your event? Nope, but I most likely will learn how to. And that’s kind of how I do stuff around here!

What I can say for sure is that I like to work with projects where I can make a difference. Impactful work and helping someone reach their goal is what motivates me to constantly learn more and develop as a marketer. So whether that is copywriting, event planning or analyzing, I will walk that extra mile to make sure we reach the goal. I’ve worked with clients such as OURWAY Tours, Mi Store and Mgruppen.

When I’m not working with digital marketing, I’m making lists of all the restaurants and viewpoints I have to explore. You can say I like a good dinner with a view.

3 fun facts about me:

  1.  If you could bathe in hand sanitizer I would be the first one in line. Yep, I’m a germaphobe.
  2.  I love surprises. Just ask my parents about that one time I randomly came home with a cat in the middle of the night and yelled “Taa-daa!”
  3.  My biggest fear in life is belly buttons.

Superpower: I’m 1.58m and eat like I am 1.98m. I love food and food loves me, it’s an endless love story.

Currently trying to improve: My paid socials skills!

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