Kaisa Ekqvist

Giving up is not my thing

Usually I’m fairly active in my spare time and not sitting down for very long, but if there is a jigsaw puzzle to be solved, I’m done for. I become obsessed, which makes me forget absolutely everything. It is possible for me to sit for several hours, entering a puzzle bubble and not being content until the last piece is in place.

After studies in business administration with marketing focus at Linné University in Kalmar, a role as marketing coordinator at Schuchardt Maskin in Jönköping awaited. There I quickly got the responsibility for e-commerce, marketing and customer service. I then moved to Stockholm and continued to work in e-commerce at Spendrups brewery. As an e-commerce manager I put together a team to work with e-commerce, PIM, newsletters, and other exciting things within digital business development, with a focus on the company’s restaurant clients.

My role at Naes & Friends will likewise be focused on e-commerce, to help our clients with setting up and developing their work within this area. E-commerce is a wide concept, so it will be a fun mixture of strategy development, helping our clients with platform switching, and using the systems to tweak the small details. In short, view me as the client’s e-commerce buddy.

I think structure and streamlining is fun. It is such a nice feeling when something moves from being total chaos to being neatly categorized. At a previous workplace we had 8 000 new items with loads of attributes to filter them on, with multiple pictures and new categorizations to boot, but with a well organized preparatory work and a clear plan, it all turned out great.

At Naes & Friends I look forward to evolving even further. It is marvelous to work among so many skilled coworkers, I feel that I’m learning new things all the time.

Except for jigsaw puzzles and structure, I enjoy concerts, and this was actually one of my big reasons for moving to Stockholm. I love festivals, big concerts and small gigs. Hence, the recent year has been… so so. Some of my favorite concert memories are those of Kent, Muse, and Imagine Dragons. When at home, the music is of course loud, and I’m actually a bit surprised my neighbors haven’t complained yet. I also like climbing, reading, meeting friends and spending time in nature.

3 fun facts about me

  1. I enjoy cinnamon buns to the extent that my friends made a cinnamon bun cake for my 30th birthday.
  2. I hate being under water, but still am a certified diver and managed out of pure stubbornness (or panic) to stand up on my first try at surfing.
  3. I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro and made the peak purely by bringing gumdrops. Apparently it works against mild altitude sickness.

Superpower: Positive thinking! No matter how bad it is, I am always the person thinking positively or trying to find a solution. Giving up is not my thing.

Currently trying to improve: I want to be better at celebrating! Everything from birthdays to successful projects should be celebrated.

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