Jesper Bylund

Enjoying the boring bits

I do all the boring stuff that others do not, or that most people find boring anyways, many people probably view me as a tech nerd. Building integration and managing the technology purchases and development is what I do, to address the right issues. Having studied video game design, which might sound a bit fussy, I learned about coding, 3D graphics, graphic communication, and my two favorite subjects: cognitive psychology and neurology.

After these studies I have been all over, managing one of the biggest e-commerce sites in Sweden, social media strategy for some major brands, started a web agency and participated in a handful of start-ups around the world. I enjoy working internationally and making friends all over the world, finding it very rewarding. Today, I use English more than Swedish, making me a bit worried about losing my native language in time.

Just before starting at Naes & Friends I helped ICA with setting up a design process for their internal “handle the entire business from mobile app”-tools. It was a big challenge to educate and convince many different stakeholders about the value of setting up a process primarily concerned with learning, as opposed to delivering. When in place, it saved time and prevented bugs, making many of them happy.

The integration of technology in the client’s organisation is also a great challenge for me as Digital Product Development Consultant at Naes & Friends. Developing or buying digital tools is never hard, but since the value they create is only evident when people utilize them, it is usually a process to get an organisation to apply these tools enough to realize their function.

In my spare time I enjoy heavy lifting, reading philosophy, drinking wine and the building and designing of digital tools. If I’m lucky, I also make it out on the occasional sailing trip.

Three fun facts about me:

  1. I once moved to Colombia because I happened to buy a ticket for a conference taking place on a bout on the Atlantic Ocean. Only after the purchase I realized the boat was travelling in the wrong direction.
  2. I was raised on boats, but oddly enough can not tie a single knot.
  3. I’m from a small town thirty kilometers north of Stockholm; close enough for everyone to think I’m from Stockholm, but far enough to never have visited the city until I moved there.

Superpower: When crisis strikes, I suddenly think everything is exciting and apt to work out fine. Several, strangely positive, memories concern mending things in the middle of the night, carrying people to the hospital, and driving a camper through the Alps without breaks. Nothing is impossible!

Currently trying to improve: What I work with mostly today is becoming better at communicating the advantage of certain technologies or design choices. It is all too easy taking for granted that everyone understands, but no inventive thing is self-explanatory.

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